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A note from the editor

Smart water meters mean big maintenance savings for utility companies

Imagine if you knew about a pipeline failure in your water management system as soon as it happened. For utility company managers, early detection of pipeline failures and leaks can mean the difference between a simple fix and a costly problem. With the advent of smart water meters, timely pipeline alerts are no longer a wish but a reality.

In addition to valuable information about pipeline integrity, smart meters also give utility companies real-time data about water usage patterns. Municipalities around the world are increasingly taking advantage of this advanced technology, installing smart water meters across their networks and gaining a far greater set of data about their water management systems.

When utility companies connect their smart water meters to Sigfox’s global IoT network, the information they gather is stored on a secure, reliable cloud. This information is accessible through web-based dashboards and customizable reports, giving utility company managers valuable data right at their fingertips. Real-time data about pipeline failures and leaks allows utility companies to engage in early interventions and preventative maintenance, catching problems before they become larger and more costly.

It’s difficult to manage what you can’t measure. As any water management professional knows, this has long been a shortcoming of traditional water metering systems. Because they only allow utility companies to gather point-in-time readings on a periodic basis, traditional water meters provide limited information about water usage patterns. Smart water meters, on the other hand, give companies access to a continuous stream of real-time information. Utility companies that invest in smart meters have found this real-time data helps them make more informed decisions about water management and resource allocation.

By: Chetan Goshalia, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, SqwidNet


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