The promise of IoT

As you become increasingly digitally capable, you will discover that the world has been aggressively advertising to your customers. This means you need to be clear on your value proposition and how you deliver this to your customers.

IoT’s role in this market and dynamic varies. For the healthcare sector, it can provide near real-time tracking of essential PPE, ventilators, and patients to ensure ongoing care. In the retail sector, IoT can be used to track parcels, ensure accurate deliveries, and consistently update customers on their status. This level of customer delight is long overdue and there is no time like the present to become the company that reshapes customer experiences. This is the promise of IoT!

What we do

SqwidNet launched in November 2016 as the licensed Sigfox operator in South Africa. The SqwidNet Internet of Things (IoT) network offers low-cost access to IoT solutions and operators in South Africa, creating opportunities for businesses small and large to create innovative solutions that change lives. SqwidNet is a wholly owned subsidiary of DFA, the premier open-access fibre connectivity provider.

The SqwidNet IoT network will give nationwide coverage for the Internet of Things allowing millions of sensors and devices to send small packets of data for analysis, immediate action, and record keeping. The network covers over 90 percent of the population or 50.4 million people, and 90 percent of South Africa’s national roads. This, along with our growing partner network, enables us to provide strategic direction and advice on IoT solutions that solve business challenges and change lives.

Sigfox, the world’s leading Internet of things (IoT) connectivity service

With its global LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) network, Sigfox has reinvented connectivity for the IoT. It drastically brings down cost and energy consumption required for securely connecting physical devices to the Cloud.

Why SqwidNet


The world’s leading service provider for Internet of Things (IoT).
One global 0G network to connect your physical world with the digital universe and power industry transformation.



Changing lives
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