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As a responsible corporate citizen, we seek to redress the historical inequalities of our society. We do this through our Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment policies, employment equity, skills and enterprise development and preferential procurement. This means regularly evaluating the representation in our workforce to ensure that it aligns with the demographics of South Africa. We also seek to constantly and consistently address inequalities among our workforce in terms of race, gender and disabilities.

We continuously strive to increase diversity across all aspects of our business. We pride ourselves in being a Level-2 B-BBEE Generic contributor. Our ownership structure consists of 45,69 % Black Ownership and 24,90 % Black-Woman Ownership, and, as a value-adding enterprise, we provide 156% procurement value to our clients. We seek to ensure that black people participate in positions of authority within our structure, and contribute to the management, policy and business operations of SqwidNet.

Black Ownership: 42,68%
Black Women Ownership: 20,64%
Black Designated Group Owned: 0%

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