Cattle Tracking

For the first time, farmers have a complete view of their herds-anytime, anywhere. representing the latest in IoT innovation, smart livestock collars give farmers the ability to virtually fence and track animals via GPS, as well as gather crucial information to better manage the health and safety of their herds.

developed by veterinarians, farmers and engineers who understand the unique challenges of modern farming, these durable, lightweight collars gather real-time information about location, speed, body temperature and stress levels of livestock, and deliver it all in a user-friendly app, through Sigfox’s global IoT network. for farmers around the world, smart livestock collars reduce inefficiencies, decrease operating costs and improve the health and safety of cattle, horses, sheep and goats.

Sigfox’s global IoT network powers a new era of livestock management

Reduce Cost
streamline operations and minimize costs

Decrease Animal Loss
set virtual boundaries and receive alerts when an animal strays. recover lost animals with GPS tracking losses

Improve Birthing Success
receive real-time alerts if an animal feels stress due to labor difficulties

Increase Herd Health and Safety
learn instantly if animal’s behavior or body processes fall out of normal range

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