Construction Site Asset Tracking

Track construction equipment to combat theft and optimize usage

Real-time tracking and cloud-based data sets enable construction companies to reduce theft, increase productivity and control operating costs. Theft of machinery and valuable equipment such as electrical panels from buildings is very costly. Protecting your equipment has a deterrent effect on potential thieves, and if a robbery should occur, tracking information will be key in enabling police to recover stolen assets and gather evidence for prosecution. Tracking heavy equipment also provides valuable insight to help managers monitor oversights and assess usage trends.

Secure construction sites simply and cost-effectively

Traditional alarms and CCTV systems are costly to install on construction sites and time-consuming to configure. This makes them unfeasible for many job sites, especially short- term projects, sites with multiple buildings and locations where no power is available. Connected to the Sigfox IoT global network, the next generation of wireless alarms using presence detection sensors are the perfect solution for early-stage projects and unpowered sections of construction sites. These alarm units operate entirely on battery power and can be located anywhere on the site.

Given the inherent complexity of construction projects, it’s no surprise that even the largest, most conspicuous pieces of heavy machinery are subject to being misplaced, misused and mismanaged. This is especially true when equipment is shared between scattered jobsites and used by multiple contractors.

Smart equipment tracking, powered by Sigfox’s global IoT network, helps managers track heavy equipment, streamline oversight and assess utilization trends. Real-time tracking and cloud-based data sets help construction companies reduce theft, increase productivity and control usage costs.

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