So why are next-generation vehicle tracking systems more effective, and more secure, than traditional options? unlike standard telematics products, next-gen vehicle tracking doesn’t depend on the strength of WiFi and 4G signals for its success. Instead, systems connect to Sigfox’s secure, LPWAN network, dedicated exclusively to the Internet of Things.

Virtually impenetrable and undetectable

Vehicle tracking signals sent via the Sigfox network are transmitted using ultra-narrow band modulation, making them far less susceptible to “noise” from GSM jammers and other interferences. unlike cellular networks, the Sigfox network doesn’t restrict a signal to one designated tower. instead, the signal is received by any nearby Sigfox base station. each tracking signal is received by an average of

Three stations, helping ensure that signals are always transmitted, even in the presence of GSM jamming devices.

Powerful signal and unlimited range

Unlike traditional telematics, next-gen systems won’t go dark as soon as a car is hidden in an underground chop-shop, or parked in a steel container for transport to the overseas market. It also won’t go dark if a car moves into a rural area with a weak 4G signal.

This ability to penetrate steel, combined with the fact that devices run on long-lasting battery power, also means next-gen trackers can be hidden virtually anywhere on a vehicle, making them far less visible to thieves.

Accepted by consumers and law-enforcement

If a vehicle is protected by a next-generation tracking system, it is usually recovered in a matter of hours, giving thieves little time to damage or dispose of it. this, in turn, reduces the burden and administrative costs for insurance companies.

Next-generation vehicle tracking minimizes the burden of auto theft and recovery.

Worldwide, insurance companies spend billions of rands each year to replace stolen vehicles. the industry seeks a way to minimize the burden of stolen vehicle replacement, but traditional telematics solutions fall short. next-generation vehicle tracking systems, powered by Sigfox’s global IoT network, solve the major problems associated with telematics. next-generation tracking systems are the latest revolution in insurtech: increasing rates of auto recovery while reducing insurance claim costs and overhead.

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