Smart Water Utilities

Eliminate on-site meter reading

Dispatching staff to manually read water meters is both time consuming and a logistical headache, not to mention fuel and vehicle maintenance costs. Water meters connected to the long-range Sigfox global IoT network just eliminates the need for on-site water meter readings.

Manage resources with better data

Smart water meters give companies access to a continuous stream of real-time information about water consumption patterns. Real-time data help make more informed decisions about water management and resource allocation. Smart water meters also give utility companies real-time alerts regarding outages, pipeline failures and leaks.

Remotely activate and deactivate services

The long-range telemetry technology in smart meters also allows utility companies to remotely activate and deactivate service, streamlining the service request process. In the event of customer non-payment, utility companies can easily recoup costs without the hassle of manual water shut-off.

Utility companies can proactively notify customers about leaks or pipe bursts, and more promptly respond to customer’s questions about their water usage. Through customised dashboards, customers also have access to information about their day-to-day water consumption. Better informed customers are more conscious about their water consumption and often make smarter, more environmentally conscious choices about that consumption.

Improve customer satisfaction with transparent billing

With real-time data readily available, utility companies provide more transparent water bills, eliminating the surprise and dissatisfaction that comes with large bill regularisations.

Reduce water consumption with more informed customers

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