Smart Retail

Smart Buttons for smooth, effortless ordering

a smart button is perfect for ordering food or other products, Smart buttons are perfect for ordering food and other consumer goods, restocking supplies and much more.

they also allow you to offer guests a new service – the privilege of not having to wait in line for service. your guests deserve the VIP treatment; give them a smart button to push to request a callback or service request. this makes transactions easier and saves time spent on ordering for both customers and the company.

Smart Buttons to trigger package pick-up

nobody likes waiting in line at the Post Office. a smart button installed in a mailbox can notify the mailman that a package is waiting to be picked up and dispatched. It also helps the postal services optimize their pickup routes and anticipate the number of packages for collection on any given day.

Smart Buttons for monitoring customer satisfaction

customer feedback is essential for improving customer satisfaction. It’s even better when the feedback is live and as close as possible to real time, such as immediately after the shopping experience.

install a small, customizable, connected dashboard or button to gather customer feedback effortlessly, using color codes to trigger instant responses from customers as they leave the store. the data is then available in the cloud for visualization and real-time shopper satisfaction insight.

Trackers for monitoring transport conditions in the supply chain

delivering damaged goods to customers is never good,  and goods can get damaged at several points on their way to the end customer. in the past, it has not been possible to monitor goods along the entire supply chain.

tracking systems report valuable data such as location, together with temperature, humidity, shock and tilt, providing insights into quality control, traceability and responsibility boundaries. tracking solutions help transport and supply chain suppliers to check if sensitive materials are safe, delivered on-time and transported in ideal conditions.

Improving food safety

food temperature monitoring is crucial for anyone in the food and beverage industry, especially those responsible for the last mile. IoT solutions can help ensure food safety procedures are observed by accurately monitoring the temperature of food storage facilities. a simple device installed in the storage unit is linked to an online dashboard that can be configured to send alerts in the event of abnormal temperature levels, to trigger swift remedial action.

Avoid rodent Infestations

rat infestations are increasingly common. the rising rat population is mainly due to urban development, which makes food sources more available, and rats are becoming more resistant to rodenticides. as well as transmitting dozens of diseases, rodents are also one of the main causes of electrical fires. these little creatures can cause big problems, resulting in poor customer satisfaction and impacting on reputation, competitive positioning, and liability.

traps alone are ineffective since foraging rodents learn to avoid traps and new objects. thanks to IoT rodent activity monitoring solutions, which use infrared sensors, rodent activity hotspots can now be identified within the building, and rodent management programs can be data-driven to trap up to 6 times more rats.

Sigfox’s global IoT network powers a new era of livestock management

Reduce Cost
streamline operations and minimize costs

Decrease Animal Loss
set virtual boundaries and receive alerts when an animal strays. recover lost animals with GPS tracking losses

Improve Birthing Success
receive real-time alerts if an animal feels stress due to labor difficulties

Increase Herd Health and Safety
learn instantly if animal’s behavior or body processes fall out of normal range

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