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Weekly Newsletter | September 2018 – Week 1

Welcome from the acting CEO

We are very excited to present you with the first edition of our channel partner newsletter and hope that this will not only be insightful for you but will also drive you to innovate for your customers through IoT. This is just one channel through which we are striving to provide you with the tools you need to provide meaningful solutions to your clients’ business problems.

We look forward to working with you to bring IoT to life in South Africa.

Solutions news


New local device

VisioAlert from Visiosoft

The VisioAlert is a small, application-ready, Sigfox-enabled transceiver. It is a smart sensor perfectly suited to panic, alert and position monitoring applications.

This compact device delivers real-time GPS data, either periodically, or through the actuation of the integrated button, which can be used as a trigger. The device is powered by a replaceable long-life battery, enabling up to 2 years of operation. Longer support options are available. The device is fully waterproof and can be attached to keyrings or lanyards if required.

For further information, please contact joe@cognitivecity.ai

New devices tested
/on shelf

Simple Pack V2

Two new features (Turn-over and maintain) have been added to the initial four features (trace me, track me, guard me, and press) from Simple pack V1.
The Turn-over feature monitors overturn of objects, control through flips (garbage bins, containers, road signs, etc.). The maintain feature monitors run times and level of vibration of any engine, also allowing you to set up vibration sensitivity threshold level.

The technical specs of the device have not changed. It is class 1, waterproof, has 10 years battery life, Dimensions: 65x29x10. The manufacturers of this devices only provide a demo platform to showcase the possibilities of the Simple pack, plus instructions of how to integrate into common IoT platforms.


SqwidNet’s IoT bundles are available exclusively to Channel Partners at great rates through our pooled initiative.

The Anti-Tamper Bundle comes with an end-to-end solution to detect tampering and is ideally suited to detect manhole tampering. The Driver Behaviour Bundle is an end-to-end solution that allows you to become the invisible passenger in your fleet.

Find more information on our Dropbox link

Case studies

Smart Air solution

A Smart Air solution was implemented at New GX to automatically monitor gas levels, wind direction and rainfall at a composting facility. The power of Sigfox IoT has allowed the business to move from reactive to proactive maintenance.

Partner launches

Ontec launches GaugeIT Smart Water Measuring and Monitoring Device

GaugeIT is a smart device that helps consumers measure their water consumption in near real-time.

The device allows them to receive hourly water meter readings of their actual household water consumption, directly on their cell phone. This gives them the power to monitor and control their water consumption and detect water losses quickly through the unit’s early warning alarms and usage reports.

GaugeIT is currently on promotion on Takealot.com.

Sigfox Status

Channel Partners who would like to get notification and updates on service impacting network events via text message or email can register at https://status.sigfox.com.

If you have any questions about these events and intervention, please contact the SqwidNet support team at support@sqwidnet.com.

Upcoming Events


Channel Partner Refresher Training will be scheduled from September.

This refresher training will include:
  • Connect contracts – system training where all contracts are generated and access to the systems

Channel partners to be granted access to systems like Connect, the backend and Sigfox academy.

Feature from Channel Partners

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