Newsletter – Week 4 / January 2019

//Newsletter – Week 4 / January 2019
Newsletter – Week 4 / January 2019 2019-01-25T12:31:30+00:00

A note from our Editor

I trust you all had a great festive season with your loved ones and are well rested.

This year our Sales team will be launching the presales and sales training with certification in Q1, this training will be eligible to Channel Partner salesforce or any individual responsible for bringing in sales to respective partners.

This will also include professional technical training which will be provided by SqwidNet and it will include video tutorials, high level navigation of the Sigfox backend, concepts, terminology, provisioning of devices, fault analysis and resolutions. The aim is for the salesforce to have as much information as possible on SqwidNet to take to their customer base equipping them with the knowledge to sell a SqwidNet solution.

Channels Partners must contact their channel engagement managers to book times.

Chetan Goshalia,
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, SqwidNet


(IoTE Training Workshops

Last year we trained a mix of 60 ICT business owners and entrepreneurs over 3 days on the IOTEP workshop in partnership with T-Systems. This week, we kicked off the monthly training sessions, led by Business Doctors. These sessions are designed to give them full access to business and technology experts, thus enabling them to progress with both their solutions and their business. For the first session we focused on the business development side and also a deep dive into T-Systems as a business. Through the T-Systems Enterprise Supplier Developer program, these young innovators will have access into the market and the ability to develop a solution where a market need already exists.

Training will continue for another six months, culminating in a Dragon’s Den styled Pitch Day in which the innovators will have a chance to obtain funding to make their vision a reality. For Channel Partners, this will result in growth of the local eco-system and more solutions to take to market.

If you have a requirement for a solution which is not yet available, please contact so she can share it with the group.


Sqwidnet’s network now spans the entire country with over 1000 sites. This effectively gives us 1.134 million Km² of south Africa covered, covering 52 million people covered at 0dBm (indoor coverage), and  1.037 million  Km² of South Africa covered, covering 47.6 million people covered at 20dBm (outdoor coverage). This enables various, indoor and outdoor, IoT application and use cases to be deployed nationally.

The National highway’s was also part of our rollout plan, and we have achieved an average of 90% coverage on National highways.
This enables coverage and opportunity for vehicle tracking and logistics use cases.

This equates to 143 952Km of paved roads and 538 829 km of gravel road.


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Should SqwidNET be successful with this bid, we will ensure to include all Channel Partners in our plan.