Weekly Newsletter – December 2018 – Week 1

//Weekly Newsletter – December 2018 – Week 1
Weekly Newsletter – December 2018 – Week 1 2018-12-07T15:49:01+00:00

Remember your ABCD when choosing your IoT solutions.

You cannot have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to IoT.

IoT is as simple as ABCD. That is, Application + Back End + Connectivity + Device. This means to design an IoT solution is as simple as making four choices. Just on partners.sigfox.com alone, there are 102 applications (A), 4 backend platforms (B) and 555 devices (D)! It is important to stress that in your IoT journey, for it to be a success, you will need a partner for each of the elements, be it one partner that has the capabilities for all the elements or different partners for each of the elements. Ultimately it is about making sure that your approach to IoT fits your customer’s needs.

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Let’s continue to drive innovation through IoT into 2019 and beyond.

Happy Holidays!!

Phathizwe Malinga
Managing Director – SqwidNet


SqwidNet Channel Partner Day

Phathizwe Malinga started the event with discussing the ABCD’s of IoT.

Hussain Suleman, Sigfox Country Director, Southern and Eastern Africa giving a Sigfox update and how they are helping grow IoT in Africa.

Sean Laval showing a new demo suitcase which Channel Partners can use for demos to their customers

Brynn Williams, MD at Apex Innovation talking value creation through IoT platforms.

Andrew Heuvel giving a network coverage update.

Chetan Goshalia giving an update on the IoT market and how to add value to your business

Václav Vesely and Pavel Sodomka CEO at Simple Hardware, the Sigfox Operator in Czech Republic presenting their products and use cases for various verticals.