Weekly Newsletter – November 2018 – Week 1

//Weekly Newsletter – November 2018 – Week 1
Weekly Newsletter – November 2018 – Week 1 2018-11-05T12:48:51+00:00

This week Stats SA released the latest employment stats in South Africa and the numbers are still not looking good as the unemployment rate is sitting at 28%. The number of unemployed persons rose by 127 000 to 6,2 million in quarter 3 of 2018. At the Discovery Leadership Summit President Cyril Ramaphosa said we have to create jobs for the unemployed of today, while preparing our workforce for the jobs of tomorrow and if you look deeper in to the unemployment stats released you find that “The unemployment rate for those aged 25-34 is 52,8%, double that of the 45 – 54-year olds. Youth unemployment rate is higher than other age groups irrespective of education level.”

IoT can help overcome the high youth unemployment rate as it paves the way for the development of new solutions to existing problems. Our contribution as SqwidNet, to address the point by our president of creating jobs for today while preparing the workforce for the jobs that don’t yet exist, is to engage the minds of young people, students and entrepreneurs to drive innovation through IoT. Through our entrepreneurship programme (IoTEP) we invite young people and challenge them to come up with new smart solutions that will solve challenges and disrupt the way we do things today. This in turn will create new jobs that never existed before. In preparing the workforce for these jobs we need to focus on skills transfer and increase things like design and critical thinking which was part of our first entrepreneurship programme we hosted earlier this year.

Phathizwe Malinga
Managing Director – SqwidNet


ICEMETER – Pulse Water Meter

Info (functional description):

  • Unit is designed to interface into water flow, electrical, gas meters. Where either a magnetic, optical or dry contact pulse output is available.
  • Cable cut and light sensitive anti-tamper alert.
  • Transmit once per day or on tamper alarm.
  • Configurable and upgradeable via Near Field Interface (NFI).
  • Water proof and environmentally sealed.
  • Optional Application available to receive alerts (SMS, Email, Push Notifications) on smartphone or via Web dashboard.

Orderable Options:

  • Sensor cable length
  • Housing colour

Programmable / Configurable Options:

  • Transmit frequency of meter reading
  • Leak detect threshold

Power Supply

  • Battery
    • Chemistry Li-MnO2
    • Size A
    • Capacity – 2 800 mAh
    • Expected Life – 10 years (Dependent on transmission profile and environmental conditions)


  • Regions
    • RCZ 1, 2, 4
    • Africa, USA, Europe, Asia / Pacific

Dimensions (L/W/H)

  • 93 mm (With Tabs 113 mm) x 40 mm x 31 mm
  • Weight 200 grams
  • Sensor length 300 mm


SqwidNet Network and Operations have a new weapon in its arsenal.

The new Sigfox Micro Base Station was launched at Sigfox Connect in Berlin. This unit with its compact, sleek and weather-resistant design expands the range of base station units available to SqwidNet to deploy. This unit is especially useful in deep indoor and remote customer locations.

With its compact form factor, integrated antenna, and Power-over-Ethernet capabilities, Micro Base Station can be easily installed within minutes and connect to SIGFOX Cloud via existing Internet access or cellular networks. Its low power consumption (2.3W) and ease of install (plug & Play) makes it ideal for deployment in the Coverage As A Service (CAAS) model that SqwidNet has developed.

The units will be commercially available in April 2019 as it is currently undergoing certification with various regulatory authorities around the world.

Marketing – Media Coverage

Our MD was featured in the Cover of African Business Quarterly, Issue 4 and made cover of the FinancialMail Essentials ABC of BEE, October issue.

Phathizwe was interviewed by Bongani Bingwa on the 702 Breakfast show this week.

Listen to the interview