Weekly Newsletter – November 2018 – Week 2

//Weekly Newsletter – November 2018 – Week 2
Weekly Newsletter – November 2018 – Week 2 2018-11-10T08:36:04+00:00

This week Zebra Technologies announced the results of its second annual ‘Intelligent Enterprise Index’. According to Zebra Technologies the Index is a global survey that measures where companies are on the journey to becoming an “intelligent enterprise” – one that connects the physical and digital worlds to drive innovation through real-time guidance, data-powered environments and collaborative mobile workflows. The survey focused on a wide range of segments including transport and logistics, healthcare, manufacturing and retail.

What the Survey noted is the increase in IoT investments and a decrease in resistance to the adoption of IoT technology globally. The average investment in IoT by the surveyed companies was $4.6 million (USD), with 86% expecting to increase their spend within the next 2 years. The number of companies that expect resistance to their IoT plans has dropped from 75% in 2017 to 64% in 2018. This is proof that the world is opening up more to IoT and the demand for more smart solutions will continue to increase. As SqwidNet, together with all our channel partners, are privileged to be driving innovation through IoT to service the growing need for new solutions.

More value can be added to the IoT space through collaboration between channel partners, software and device makers and service providers to create new efficient solutions. These solutions will have a longer “shelf-life” as you as the channel partner will be closer to and more aware of the makers’ roadmap. To furthure emphasise the importance of collaboration the survey revealed that 43% of companies work with strategic partners to implement their IoT plans and an additional 40% use strategic partners to manage their entire IoT solutions, up by 7% from 2017. It clearly shows that partnerships will be crucial to driving strategic pricing conversations to drive down the cost of implementing IoT solutions going forward.

Phathizwe Malinga
Managing Director – SqwidNet


SqwidNet, together with many of our Channel Partners attended the annual Sigfox Connect event in Berlin recently. What was immediately evident was the remarkable number of Sigfox devices that were being showcased. Everything from complex solar-powered gas sensors to 19€ leak detectors, to global tracking devices were all put on display, with orders being readily taken on the stands. 180 Exhibitors from across the globe were present, all with a unique value proposition for the market. What was notable was the increased quality and overall investment into devices when compared to the event a year ago.

It is clear that the stakes have been raised considerably, and the international Maker Ecosystem is serious about backing Sigfox. Throughout the 3 days in Berlin, we were constantly reminded of how vibrant our own local Maker Ecosystem is, and is becoming in South Africa. To date, 23 devices have been Sigfox certified from local companies, and based on our engagements with industry, we expect this number to grow considerably in the coming months! Two recent new additions have come from Ramac, in the form of a Tamper Detection device and from Scymyn, with their multi-purpose monitoring and control platform.

As the Solutions Team at SqwidNet, we are here to assist you in navigating the ever-expanding world of Sigfox devices, and we encourage our Channel Partners to engage with us to find out more about the latest offerings both locally and internationally.


Recently at Sigfox Connect, the big annual event dedicated to IoT, Sigfox, the world’s leading Internet of Things (IoT) services provider, announced that its network now covers over 1 billion people across 53 countries, with Austria, Lichtenstein, Romania, Norway, Kenya, Peru, Guatemala and Honduras most recently joining the Sigfox network.

What was one of the biggest bets ever made by a European company has become reality. Sigfox offers the widest network globally in terms of population covered under a single umbrella. No other network offers the same interfaces, service level agreement (guaranteed by all the Sigfox Operators worldwide) or pricing, for an unprecedented and unique customer value proposition.

Sigfox’s network has grown at an unbelievable pace since its first antenna was set-up in 2013, now covering an area which represents 90% of the world’s GDP, in five continents. Today Sigfox announces this major achievement to reach the essential foundations to onboard tier one partners like ALPS, enabling them to setup their assembly lines to produce millions of devices every month. The sheer amount of data that can be collected through Sigfox’s network will also allow businesses to harness the power of big data and create additional value for their customers.

Sigfox is not only the widest network, it’s also the simplest secured network, compatible with basic radio chipsets. Sigfox modules debuted at 12$, coming down to 2$ in 2016, and now a 0,20$ design is available on an industrial scale. Now, one billion people can enjoy IoT solutions at unbeatable prices.

The network covers nearly all major strategic transport hubs, including airports, ports and train stations, opening up tremendous opportunities, particularly for the logistics and supply chain sector. Thanks to Sigfox Monarch and Atlas services, global asset tracking is simpler and more affordable than ever. Producing low cost, high autonomy trackers there are no limits to tackling the ROI issue of asset tracking solutions.


Phathizwe is one of the speakers at AfricaCom.

SqwidNet is shortlisted for the IoT/Service of the Year
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