Weekly Newsletter – September 2018 – Week 3

//Weekly Newsletter – September 2018 – Week 3
Weekly Newsletter – September 2018 – Week 3 2018-11-27T14:55:26+00:00

September has been declared as the Service Delivery month in South Africa. Thus, SqwidNet sponsored two hackathons that aimed at improving Service Delivery through IoT. We supported these events because of the greater impact they have on the ground. The impact of these initiatives stretches much further than just in big cities, as they also reach out to high schools and TVET Colleges in rural towns to teach them about IoT.

The average age of the participants were between 20 and 25 years and they consisted of students, techpreneurs and developers. Our aim is to build relationships with regional hackathon institutions and provide support to enrich societies by driving innovation through IoT.

One of the IoTEP finalists is the key driver of these hackathons in the Northern Cape. This is one of the outcomes we strive for with IoTEP – participants going back to their communities to make a difference using the knowledge acquired through our programme.


Orbit 3

Wireless temperature and humidity sensor

The wireless temperature and humidity sensor measures the air temperature and humidity in the center hole in the front of the sensor.
Between the sensor element and air around the sensor is a IP67 filter to cover and protect the sensor element in best possible way.
The sensor transmits data using the Sigfox-network, so you do not have to make any local installation of Wi-Fi, gateways/masterbox or similar setup.


  • No use of local gateway or installations
  • ±0,3 °C and ±2% RH accuracy
  • Touch functionality
  • Long battery lifetime
  • Robust design


  • Easy installation and activation
  • Versatile use
  • Maintenance free
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Globally connected

Device Information

– Rugged enclosure – various colour options available
– Small form factor (60mm (L) X 40mm (W)
– Integrated antennas
– Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery
– Optional Wireless charging.
– Optional SOS Alert Button


Sensors: Temperature (Internal) Humidity (Internal) Accelerometer, 3-axis
Tolerances: ±0.3 oC  and ±2% RH
Resolution: 0.1 and 0.5
Measuring rage: -30 to 50 oC
Operating temperature: -30 to 50 oC
Operating humidity 0 to 100% RH2
Measurement Interval : Every 7.5 min (adjustable)
Transmission Interval: Every 30 min (adjustable)
Battery Type: Li-SOCl2, not replaceable 3.6 V 5.400 mAh
Battery Lifetime: Up to 10 years
Material Enclosure: ABS plastic (FDA approved)
Dimensions: 75 x 23 (Ø x H)
Weight: 82g


Over the past few months we have received multiple requests for remote rural areas and deep indoor coverage in buildings such as factories, mines, etc.  As such we have realised that there is a growing need for a solution to create specific IOT coverage to complement the global and national network.

SigFox is in the conceptualisation phase for “Connectivity as a Service” but due to the growing local demand SqwidNet has decided to put together a solution to address the problems now whilst working with SigFox to frame the “Connectitvity as a Service” product. We are glad to announce that the SqwidNet “Coverage as a Service” (CaaS) product is available and channel partners can purchase their own base station and installation kits (optional) to cover areas that are not part of the national network or for POC coverage.

The launch price for base stations is discount by 40% whilst stock lasts, contact your Engagement Manager for more information and a quote.

Institutions “We love” SqwidNet collaboration on IoT

Winners and panelists 

SqwidNet was invited to the Central University of Technology’s Innovation Week Idea Generator aka i – Gym, which was launched last year to exercise innovation. At its second event, the speakers emphasized the need for entrepreneurs in the 4th industrial revolution. The keynote was by Prof Seeram Ramakrishna from the National University of Singapore on “Why and how to be innovative, successful and make a difference”.  Students were encouraged to solve real, South African challenges with a commitment to improve communities.  Sqwidnet was among the panelists from the FDC, FNB and TIA to select the winners.

Playing rugby

SqwidNet has partnered with CUT to spur innovation through IoT. Look out for a hackathon early next year.

On another note, if you think the task ahead is too daunting, take inspiration from these amazing kids playing Wheelchair Rugby through the innovation of CUT’s specially designed wheelchairs for the disabled to play extreme sport!