Company Name Adroit Technologies
Company Details What does your company do ?
Adroit SCADA Software, Adroit Alarm and Event Management Software, Adroit SCADA Intelligence and Big Data Analytics and Reporting Software.This software is used to communicate with a wide range of devices on a wide range of protocols such as MODBUS, MQTT, SNMP, etc. Adroit has a rich graphical user interface that does not need any programming experience to use.Adroit can be used to but not limited to:
-Monitor devices (Remote devices and on-site devices).
-Control devices (Remote devices and on-site devices).
-Visualizing of data using graphs and other tools.
-Alarming a user when set events occur.
Address and Contact Person Website:

Adroit Technologies Headquarters

Street Address:
20 Waterford Office Park
Waterford Drive
Cnr. of Witkoppen Road

South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)11 658 8100
Fax: +27 (0)11 658 8101

General Enquiries:

IoT Services Adroit provides an easy to use platform for interacting with Sigfox devices.
Adroit MQTT client driver for communication with devices that support the MQTT protocol.
Adroit M2M driver for communication with remote Mitsubishi PLCs.What services do you offer in IoT ?
Proof of concepts, assistance with sensor choice and or design, hosted solutions on a pay as you go basis.What is the offering of the company – devices, connectivity, platform, application
Vertical Solutions What verticals does company specialize in – in line with the above ito services offered.

Mining, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Utilities, Security, Smart Home and City

Working Solutions / Reference GenMon – Generator Monitoring and Asset Care, Johannesburg Water, Cape Metropolitan Council. Many POC’s using Sqwidnet – Pool Water Quality Monitoring and Management, Manhole Tip Sensor, Asset Location and Performance, Energy and Water Monitoring

*consumption monitoring, control & reports viewed through the Lesira App, and the Lesira Portal