Company Name Figtory Smart Facilities (Pty) Ltd
Company Details What does your company do ? Figtory Smart Facilities provides IoT enabled solutions to the Property, Agriculture and Financial Services Sectors. We provide a platform that can add most sensors easily to enable asset tracking and monitoring services
Address and Contact Person and www.pixelvo .com (Coming Soon)
IoT Services What services do you offer in IoT ?

Devices, Platforms and Aoplications

What is the offering of the company – devices, connectivity, platform, application

Vertical Solutions What verticals does company specialize in – in line with the above ito services offered.

Choose – Mining, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Logistics and Transport, Health, Retail/FMCG, Utilities, Security, Smart Home,  Consumer (Financial, Insurance,)

We provide services to Agriculture, Property and Financial Services

Working Solutions / Reference Livestock Wealth