Company Name Livewire Engineering and Consulting (Pty) Ltd
Company Details Livewire offers remote monitoring solutions for electricity and water utilities.
We aim to connect the world’s meters and sensors to the web to provide our customers with quasi real-time information to manage their energy resources (electricity, water, gas, etc.).
Livewire provides utility meter monitoring and data management hardware and services. We give our customers convenient, online access to detailed energy consumption data.
What Livewire does:
• Smart Metering • Meter Data Management • Revenue Management • Accurate Billing • Value Added Services • Energy Mobile App • Fast ROI
Web Address and Contact Person
Address: BJM House, Barinor’s Vineyard, The Vineyard Office Estate, 99 Jip de Jager Drive, Bellville, 7530 Contact Detail: 021 913 6969 Email: CEO: Attie van Jaarsveldt
IoT Services Liveview is a cloud based meter data management platform for multiple smart meters and data loggers to improve electricity, water and gas utility management with revenue / billing services.
Smartwireis a mobile application that provides utility usage information to the end-user. View consumption and prepayment information online.
Our Services:
Metering: A range of different metering devices can be fully commissioned and integrated into the Liveview environment. Communication: Most devices use a Mobile-to-Mobile (M2M) SIM card provisioned on the livewire APN. Other APNs / Internet / RF communication is also supported. Alarms and Notifications: A range of Alarms and Notifications via email or SMS are available to suit different customer requirements. Liveview: 24/7 online access to meter data, reports and profiles with a web browser. Smartwire: Mobile access to metering information on Android or Apple mobile devices. Support: Telephonic / email support from the IBO (Interactive Back Office) team during office hours.
Livewire’s services range from the supply of individual monitoring components to complete turn-key system design and implementation.
Vertical Solutions We make energy management easy, affordable and are proven to save you money – We have a range of products that meet the needs of large enterprise, medium companies and small businesses.
We specialise in energy management by means of multiple measuring capabilities such as, consulting – training and support on data integrity and efficiency reporting and engineering such as solutions, designs and system integration.
We offer our services in the following sectors:
1. Mining2. Agriculture

3. Commercial & Industrial

4. Logistics and Transport

5. Hospitality

6. Health

7. Retail/FMCG

8. Utilities

9. Smart Home, Smart electrical metering, Smart water metering, Smart Prepaid solutions

10. Consumer (Financial, Insurance, Wearables)

11. Renewable energy

12. Reselling and utility services

13. Education

Working Solutions / Reference Our energy monitoring solutions will enable your operations to:
• Save money – up to 15% in energy costs of your facility • Make better purchasing decisions – accurate profile energy loads • Verify power and energy bills – keep operational and energy costs in check
Livewire Smart Metering enables the utilities to collect the metering data from every client or facility automatically, thus reducing logistics costs involved in direct meter reading.