Company Name Nerospec PTY LTD
Company Details Nerospec is a group of companies specializing in IoT, ISP, Mining and telecommunication.
Web Address and Contact Person

67 CR Swart Drive

Skyview business park

Strijdom park


IoT Services What services do you offer in IoT ?

What is the offering of the company – devices, connectivity, platform, application

We Specialize in end device, but have software, connectivity, and platform/applications planned for late 2018.

Electronic Design/RF Antenna Design and Firmware is our specialty

Vertical Solutions What verticals does company specialize in – in line with the above ito services offered.

Choose – Mining, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Logistics and Transport, Health, Retail/FMCG, Utilities, Security, Smart Home,  Consumer (Financial, Insurance, Wearables) 

All of the above, We are a solutions/Application based company. We design according to the requirement

Working Solutions / Reference Internet Solutions and Servest