Company Name Real Telematics (Pty) Ltd
Company Details
Address and Contact Person Tel: 0861 000 342    
Int. Tel:  +2731 702 2368    
Unit 8, Wareing Park, 2 Wareing Rd, Pinetown, 3600 
Fax: 0865 552 740    Int. Fax: +2731 701 9245    
P.O. Box 1564, Pinetown, 3600, KZN, South Africa
IoT Services Complete IOT and Telematics solutions: Hardware, mobile applications, cloud solutions and data analytics
Vertical Solutions Agriculture, Manufacturing, Logistics and Transport, Utilities, Security.

Working Solutions / Reference Geyser monitor for burst detection and damage prevention. Overhead powerline monitoring. Power supply (AC and DC) monitoring. Temperature and humidity monitoring . Identity solutions based on the Dallas/Maxim I-Tag.