Introduction to the programme

The Digital Plumber Programme is designed to engage the plumber to help grow their business while assisting their customer base to make their homes smart. Smart water meter devices promote active water consumption monitoring which is important as water is a scarce resource. The benefits include early detection of water leaks to prevent bill shock at the end of a month and conserve water in general. These smart water devices are sub-segmented into retrofit pulse meters and inline smart meters.

The solution implemented by the Digital Plumber enables customers to monitor their household’s water consumption on their cellphone, and to receive alerts when water consumption exceeds the limits which they have set. Modern-day customers want integrated solutions that assist them in maintaining their homes. The plumber, if granted permission by the customer, can view the water usage on the Portal, allowing him or her to provide a proactive plumbing service. This assists the plumber to build stronger customer relationships and drives customer retention.

Course outline

The Digital Plumber course is divided into two modules:

  • Technical and Installation
  • Personal Selling for Plumbers

The Technical and Installation module focuses on what the Internet of Things (IoT) is about, the different devices and how they communicate, how to install these devices, and the App or Internet Platform which these devices send water consumption data to for monitoring purposes.

The Personal Selling for Plumbers module focuses on how a plumber can increase his or her pipeline, overcome standard objections from customers, and leverage the smart water meter device to grow their customer base.

Programme benefits

  • Introduction to IoT & digital plumbing trends.
  • Practical knowledge of the installation process and the various types of meters available.
  • Personal Selling module to gear you to sell Smart Water Solutions to your customer and grow your business.

IOPSA Members benefit

  • CPD Points
  • National Accredited Digital Plumber Certification
  • Discounted pricing
  • Licensed Distributor of GaugeIT

About GaugeIT Sigfox Solution

  • Near real-time visibility on actual consumption in a water network.
  • Water and sanitation tariffs are applied to consumption and used by customers for billing.
  • Leak notifications are sent to the consumer if a possible leak is detected.
  • Consumers can forecast consumption patterns.