Returnable Packaging Management (RPM)

With over 270k solutions deployed in the field today, customers such as DHL Germany, Michelin, and PSA are already yielding proven value while revolutionising their operations.

This low power, low cost, wifi-enabled solution, is built for improved logistics management of returnable packaging, providing end to end visibility throughout the supply chain.

It’s time to take control of your returnable packaging

The returnable packaging loop is leaking,  close it for good with a complete packaging visibility and tracking solution, and unlock the full ROI that Returnable Packaging Management was always meant to deliver.

‘Based on modelling for a company with 600,000 packaging units in use

The problem with returnable packaging…

Returnable Packaging Management (RPM) makes sense for manufacturers.

But, it comes with its challenges.

Manufacturers lose as much as 10% of their packaging pool each year – thanks to damage, disappearance, and unforeseen bottlenecks. It’s a problem many have been content to ignore, but it’s costing as much as R458m every year in direct losses, over-production, and excessive-spending on disposable alternatives.

The time for change is now

Introducing a complete packaging visibility solution – engineered for the supply chain industry.

By joining forces with Alps Alpine, Sigfox has created a complete IoT solution that combines robust tracking devices, seamless connectivity and network coverage, and a platform that turns data streams into immediately actionable insights.

  • Fast, low disruption ‘Rivot & Go’ device deployment

  • Reliable, ubiquitous, indoor, outdoor, and in-transit connectivity
  • One source of truth for actionable information, alerts, and notifications.

This is RPM at its best. Are you ready to see what it can deliver?