PRAGUE. 27 September 2017.

SIGFOX during its Prague conference unveiled a simplified connectivity service which now makes it possible to transform any short-range wireless device into a long-range IoT device, with hardware components for as little as $0.20.

SqwidNet, a licensed SIGFOX operator, will offer access to this low-cost service in South Africa.

At the conference Sigfox officials demonstrated a prototype wireless module contained in a cardboard envelope, triggering a text message when the envelope was opened. The cost of this wireless module has been cut down by dropping a few non-essential functionalities. It features an ultra-thin battery, ultra-thin contacts, and an ultra-low-cost module.

According to Reshaad Sha, Chief Executive Officer at SqwidNet who is currently attending the SIGFOX World IoT Expo, “It is now possible to connect hundreds of millions of devices across verticals and sub-verticals, which were previously not viable from a cost perspective. From $12 in 2015, to $2 in 2017 and now at $0.20, the dropping costs of this hardware will present significant opportunities for new vertical use cases in the logistics and retail verticals. Anything that requires low cost one directional communications or ‘disposable’ connectivity can be delivered through this new low-cost enabled service.”